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Help restore your digestive system's inner health

Photo of the Senokot product range

When you're constipated, undigested waste builds up - waste you may be carrying around with you for several days. It may seem easier to wait for it to go away, but, suffering long periods without passing a bowel movement can cause your bowel wall to stretch and the muscles to work less efficiently. And some people have reported feeling irritable and sluggish. Changing your diet is a great idea, but life just isn't always that simple.

Sometimes your digestive system can do with a helping hand to get back to normal. A gentle constipation remedy like Senokot can help to restore your digestive system to its normal self.


Senokot tablets, syrup and granules contain Senna, a natural plant extract which works by stimulating the muscles in the bowel in a similar way to figs and prunes. Helping to bring gentle, predictable relief, Senokot works with your body, leaving you feeling much fresher and brighter again.

  • Senokot Tablets (containing the natural ingredient senna) Two tablets taken at night* can bring predictable relief in 8-12 hours.
    *adult and children over 12 dose only. Click here for more information >>
  • Senokot Max Tablets (containing the natural ingredient senna)
  • For troublesome constipation, Senokot Max contains twice the amount of senna per tablet1 but one tablet taken at night2 works just as predictably in 8-12 hours.
    1. compared with 7.5mg Senokot Tablets
    2. adult and children over 12 dose only. Click here for more information >>
  • Senokot Dual Relief Senokot Dual Relief contains the only formulation to treat both constipation and bloating. It contains natural senna to relieve constipation with added fennel to relieve bloating. Adults: Take one or two tablets at bedtime when necessary, not recommended for children Click here for more information >>
  • Senokot Syrup (containing the natural ingredient senna) Fruit-flavoured Senokot Syrup: one 5ml spoonful taken at night* can bring gentle, natural relief from constipation.
    *adult and children over 12 dose only. Click here for more information >>

Always read the label and leaflet that comes with the product, and ask your pharmacist for advice.

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Always read the label. Ask your pharmacist for advice.
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