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High Fibre Recipes

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Chicken with Watermelon and hazelnut salad and Raspberry vinaigrette

1 fillet breast of chicken per person
2ozs toasted hazelnuts
medium seedless watermelon
Bunch torn lambs lettuce
8ozs fresh raspberries

Raspberry vinaigrette
8ozs raspberries
200ml hazelnut oil
50ml raspberry vinegar (a must)

1. First, process all the vinaigrette ingredients until pureed.
2. To toast hazelnuts, either put them into a hot oven or under grill, without any oil, and keep shaking OR put into a dry large frying pan and keep shaking as they gradually turn brown. Take away from heat and leave - (they will keep cooking in their own oil and be extremely hot to touch, so take care.)
3. Grill the chicken with a spray of oil, until cooked through
4. Cut the watermelon into chunks. Combine in a bowl with the raspberries/cranberries and lettuce.

Slice the chicken thinly or dice, drizzle with the vinaigrette and sprinkle with the nuts. Combine gently with all the other ingredients and serve

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