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Biofeedback Therapy

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A few specialist centres offer biofeedback therapy (bowel and muscle retraining). This treatment usually involves an initial assessment by a specialist nurse or physiotherapist who will obtain a detailed assessment of your bowel symptoms, general health, diet, lifestyle and any other factors that may influence your bowel function.

From this assessment and the results of any other investigations you may have had, the therapist will discuss with you the likely cause of your problems and set an individualised treatment programme for you to follow.

Usually the treatment will involve retraining the muscles used to empty your bowels. You will be shown how to do these exercises by inserting a small balloon or electronic probe into your anus (back passage) and assessing how these muscles work. You may be given some dietary advice and your bowel medication will be reviewed.

Most patients have further appointments at regular intervals. It usually takes several months for improvement to occur and this improvement often continues following completion of therapy. You will have to work hard to make this therapy effective. However, the majority of people find this therapy improves their bowel function.

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